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As part of a complete resuscitation solution BOC healthcare supplies a range AEDs.

Treatment of sudden cardiac arrest is time critical and for every minute that defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival decreases by around 7 to 10% per minute. Allowing time to make an emergency call, the ambulance journey time and the time taken to administer a shock, the delay from collapse to paramedic treatment is usually 13 to 14 minutes at best (average response time for Ambulance is 8 minutes - source the NHS Information Centre). After this length of time there is virtually no chance of survival.

Therefore, easy access to on site AEDs and prompt defibrillation has the potential to safe lives and prevent the casualty from deteriorating prior to the ambulance service arriving.

BOC supply the Cardiac Science G3 and G5 AEDs and they are both available in fully automatic and semi-automatic models.

AED Benefits:
- 7 year AED device warranty
- 4 year full replacement battery warranty
- Rescue ready technology providing daily automated self testing of all critical components
- Automatically delivers variable and escalating energy depending on patients needs
- Non side-specific pads
- Simple, clear and instructive voice prompts
- Text display for noisy environments
- No routine maintenance required
- Low ongoing ownership costs



Cardiac Science's proprietary RHYTHMx™ Software and STAR® Biphasic Waveform provide effective technology solutions to treat sudden cardiac arrest.

RHYTHMx Technology is a patented software detection algorithm to accurately and instantly detect abnormal heart rhythms, determine if they are life threatening and when appropriate, facilitate delivery of a live-saving defibrillation shock.

The STAR Biphasic Waveform Technology was developed with each individual's needs in mind, providing customised defibrillation energy for the patient based on the patient's impedance.

The patented RescueReady® technology ensures your AED can be counted on when you need it most - during a rescue.


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