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Emergency oxygen



LIFELINE is a product from BOC Healthcare designed to provide immediate medical assistance in the first few minutes after an emergency. It has been created to make a vital contribution to immediate healthcare before the arrival of the emergency services by providing high flow oxygen for use during Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and also a variety of different flow rates for other oxygen therapy indications.

The Benefits:
- Safe and simple to use
- Fully portable
- Lightweight medical oxygen cylinder with built-in integral regulator
- Variable flow rates from 1 to 15 litres per minute
- Annual cylinder maintenance by BOC Healthcare
- Single annual service charge
- Next working day refills (in most areas)
- Reduces the risk of cross infection due to minimal patient contact



The LIFELINE kit is provided in a purpose-made rucksack style carry case for easy transportation to the casualty. It contains a lightweight medical oxygen cylinder with an integral regulator and a selection of oxygen masks.

Oxygen can be delivered between 1 and 15 litres per minute. This provides up to half an hour of treatment at the highest flow rate, helping to prevent the casualty deteriorating prior to the arrival of professional medical assistance.

The oxygen cylinder is inspected annually by a BOC employee to ensure that the cylinder is in good working order. A report is produced and left with the customer as an auditing record.
BOC Healthcare’s dedicated LIFELINE team provide a next working day refill (in most areas).

What is included in the LIFELINE kit ?
- A lightweight medical oxygen cylinder with integral valve
- One CPR facemask
- One length of cuffed tubing
- One adult non-rebreathing mask
- One pair of nitrile gloves
- One clinical waste bag
- LIFELINE signage
- Rucksack


Pricing (excl VAT)

LIFELINE Kit £207.00 per annum

LIFELINE Reserve Cylinder £99.00 per annum

LIFELINE refill £56.50

To find out more or place your order today contact:

0161 930 6010


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