Nonin® PalmSAT series pulse oximeters


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Nonin PalmSAT series

PalmSAT series - various


Nonin pulse oximeters are proven to be highly accurate especially in low saturation motion and dark skin pigmentation scenarios. These pulse oximeters have been type tested to comply with ISO 9919 giving users the confidence that comes with a safe and reliable device.

There are two models of the Nonin PalmSAT pulse oximeters available from BOC:
• PalmSAT 2500
• PalmSAT 2500A

PalmSAT 2500 series
The PalmSAT is the next generation handheld pulse oximetry device. The compact size, ease of operation and alarm option in the 2500A version makes the PalmSAT 2500 series ideal for your portable monitoring needs – regardless of the patient’s location.

Features and benefits
• Intuitive to use
• Highly accurate and reliable
• The Nonin range of pulse oximeters are manufactured to meet the requirements of ISO 9919
• 5 year drop warranty



Please view the PalmSAT factsheet in the Additional Information section


Pricing (excl VAT)

19221663 Nonin 2500 PalmSAT pulse oximeter with memory £400.00
19221664 Nonin 2500A PalmSAT pulse oximeter with user £515.00
19221665 Complete NiMH charger stand kit for Nonin PalmSAT monitors £200.00
19221666 PROACT carry case for Nonin 2500/8500 series monitors £24.95
19221667 Cushioned blue carry case for PalmSAT monitors £39.95
19221668 Nonin nVision PC software for 2500 series 279.00
19221680 Nonin soft rubber sensor large adult (1m cable)£143.75
19221681 Nonin soft rubber sensor medium adult (1m cable) £143.75
19221682 Nonin soft rubber sensor small (1m cable) £143.75
19221690 Nonin adult reusable flex sensor (1m cable) £105.00
19221703 Nonin reusable SpO2 extension cable (1m cable)£41.40

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0161 930 6010


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